Monday, 20 February 2017

A Principled Pesak and a Window into Pesak

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Jewish Leaders Applaud Trump's Focus on Palestinian Incitement

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As published by the Jewish News Service - February 16, 2017

By Rafael Medoff/

Jewish groups berate Trump for blasting reporter who asked about anti-Semitism

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The Reporter was interviewed on Fox and he was totally forgiving of Trump's reaction.

Others noted that the question was a tad convoluted and lent itself to being misunderstood by Trump, who tends to be impatient. A more direct question such as
"Mr. Prez... how will you address Anti-Semitism?" 
probably would elicited a different reaction

It appears to me that these Jewish organizations are more offended than the reporter himself. Do you wonder why that is so? I think I know!

Of course Mr. Trump ideally should have been more patient and heard the fellow out. That would have been more menschlich then "shushing" him. So the President seems to suffer from a limited attention span. And so he is not "blameless". Yet the bottom line is that the reporter himself was understanding....

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Prof. Saul Lieberman on Women's Ordination

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Casualties of the Syrian Civil War

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"The United Nations stated that by the end of April 2014, 8,803 children had been killed,[10] while the Oxford Research Group said that a total of 11,420 children died in the conflict by late November 2013.[11] By mid-December 2016, the opposition activist groupSyrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported the number of children killed in the conflict had risen to 15,948, while at the same time 10,540 women were also killed.[1]

The Case for the Unorthodox Orthodox Synagogue

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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Mussar: But WE Stood at Sinai!

originally published on July 21, 2012

Courtesy of Derech Emet..

Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetzky (born 1891/2/28, died 1986/3/10) was asked if it is permitted to lie in order to receive benefits from a government program.

His answer was an emphatic: NO!!

Then the questioner said: But many Gentiles do it!

The Rabbi explained:
They did not stand at Mount Sinai when the Torah was revealed!

SOURCE: page XXI of Chofetz Chaim Lessons in Truth
by Rabbi Shimon Finkelman, published by ArtScroll
in September 2001

Shalom and Regards,

Friday, 17 February 2017

Where Judaism Differed - By Abba Hillel Silver

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  Where Judaism Differed: An Inquiry into the Distinctiveness of Judaism
AH Silver was one of the few Reform Rabbis whom I "admired" to an extent

His Book - Where Judaism Differed‎ - was a classic in its time

Where Judaism differs TODAY from the politically correct zeitgeist can be reduced IMHO to a simple point of departure

Does justice INCLUDE
V'Dol lo sehedar b'reevo
Does it exclude it?

EG Affirmative action, 
Do you judge on merit or by race, Colour creed, national origin or economic class?

Same with many crimes. 
Same for illegal immigrants
Do you tip the scales of JUSTICE to favour the disadvantaged?

The Torah says "not in a court of law"

It's OK to privately give Tzedaka. But can merits be overlooked in favour of the disadvantaged in public policy? In the court system?

And if being disadvantaged becomes an advantage
Will that foster a society of "victims"?