Saturday, 6 February 2016

Mussar: Still a Man Sees what he Wants to See, and Disregards the Rest‏

From RRW
Breslover Research Institutes Book On Esther
The Relativity of Theory

"And it all depends upon what our ears are attuned to hear and what are eyes are trained to see. And on a deeper level, it all depends on what we really WANT to see. So non-believes see what they want, because they've decide beforehand what they will see. "

"...But only when we look for inspiration will we find that inspiration. If we predecide to mock, we will find a pretext to do so."

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Crime & Punishment in the Gaza Strip‏

From RRW

Crime & Punishment in the Gaza Strip
We finally got a rare glimpse of the embattled Gaza Strip and a chance to see what life was like under the rule of Hamas. In 2007 we tried and failed to get into Gaza through the Israeli-controlled…
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