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Sefirat Ha-Omer

originally published April 14, 2014

There are two very important links by Rabbi Doniel Neustadt that you may find of great value.

Link #1 - Sefiras Ha-Omer: Forgetting To Count One Day
Link #2  Counting Sefiras Ha-Omer Unintentionally
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Lz"n Areyh Isser Ben Tzvi Hirsch Z"L

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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Mussar: Bitachon, P. Behar

originally posted on May 19, 2012

From the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva of Far Rockaway.

The Rosh Yeshiva,
"I will command My blessings upon you in the sixth year, and it will grow the produce of three years, (25:21)."  With this promise the Torah answers the question "what will we eat?"  if we observe shmitah.  The Alter of Novaradok points out that the promise of three years growth and the question "what will we eat" are surely asked during the previous years, not in the sixth year.  Because in the sixth year either it grew and you have no question "what shall we eat," or it didn't grow and then it's too late to grow.  Therefore the question "what shall we eat?" and its answer, must be a preparation for shmitah long before it comes.  It represents laying the groundwork for bitachon in order to have bitachon when needed.
There are many levels of bitachon.  The lowest level and the most fundamental, is knowing that everything that happens is from Hash-m. This belief is required of every Jew.  The highest level bitachon is such a deep visceral trust in Him, that we are completely calm and at ease even in the face of what appears to be, or what indeed is, a disaster, chas v'shalom.
It seems interesting that shmitah teaches bitachon to Klal Yisroel under the most extreme of circumstances. The whole nation may not plant at the same time.  There is simply no place for anyone to obtain food.  The whole nation faces famine and desolation.  Why is this, the most extreme of circumstances, chosen to teach bitachon? Wouldn't it be more successful if bitachon would be taught in a step by step manner?

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Resource for Mitzvot Hatluyot Ba'aretz‏

From RRW

We thank Rav Reuven Tradburks for the following:
Not sure if people in chutz laaretz are aware of this organization, Machon HaTorah vHaaretz.  They are the resource for all things agricultural, including coordinating many of the national shemita efforts last year of otzar beis din and the like.  I, for example, have herbs and vegetables growing on our mirpeset and in being mafrish truma and maaser we are podeh the maaser sheni on a coin that needs to be meyuchad l'kach and be treated in a certain manner.  By signing up with them, i am able to use their coin and they take care of the treatment of it.

The website is full of many many shiurim and articles that would be apropos for parshat Behar but also many articles on many topics, including from Rav Ariel.

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Lag Ba'Omer Rashby - Shemeit or Simchat?‏

From RRW

The popular tradition has it - that R Shimon Bar Yohai passed away on Lag Ba'Omer.

Yom Shmeit  Rashby

A great Torah Scholar claimed this is a defective girsa and that a Heith is missing

And it  should actually read: "Yom SIMCHAT Rashb"y"

Who is this "radical textual critic" LOL?

Why it is Rav Yoseh Chaim, author of the Ben Ish Chai - in his Da'at uT'vunah!  ‎ You never know who will fix a problematic  girsa with hagahah!

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Nishma-Parsha: Behar

Take a look at what's on
for Parshat Behar / Bechukotai

Parsha Behar: Land, Identity and Responsibility

Torah and Homosexuality -- Reviewing the Complexity of the Issue

As the question of how the Orthodox world should relate to the gay community seems again to be in the forefront of discussion, I thought it would be worthwhile to again remind individuals of my thoughts on the subject in the over 30 years that I have contemplated the issue. The topic is not an easy one and that is why I felt that my first entry again into the discussion should actually be to remind everyone of how complex the matter really is. As such, I have recently authored a blog post on Nishma:Policy 

to this effect and invite you to now read it as well.

In many ways, it is in furtherance of the presentation of the Torah's great challenge of depth in this matter that I feel that I must share.

RBH Articles on Orthodoxy and Homosexuality

Commentary: The Same Sex Marriage and Defining Discrimination

Spark 5754-27: To'evah

Introspection 5761 -#1: Essential Conflict: Essential Study

Commentary Series on "Trembling Before G-d": Analyzing Homosexuality & Orthodoxy