Saturday, 28 March 2015

Mussar: The Proper Love for God Is

The Proper Love for God Is -

To be constantly enraptured by GOD like a love-sick individual
whose mind is never free from the passion that fills his heart at all times

Rambam as per
Artscroll comment on Shir Hashirim

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Exodus in History: Can There Be Archaeological Evidence of Supernatural Events?

Rabbi Hecht's latest video shiur on Koshertube

The Exodus in History: Can There Be Archaeological Evidence of Supernatural Events?

It's not the question and/or answer which is really the focus but, rather, the recognition of what acceptance of Yetziat Mitzrayim must include -- a time when there was a supernatural reality which we can neither fathom or even comprehend.

B"H Not Everyone is Drinking the Kool-Aid

Black ministers siding with Netanyahu

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Nishma-Parshah: Tzav

Take a look at what's on
for Parshat Tzav

Tzav: The Challenge of Unity

A Speaking God

Guest Blogger:
Rav Yehuda Rapoport

«My article "A Speaking God," has been published in the newest issue of HaYidion (my article starts on page 30). 

All the best,
Rav Yehuda Rapoport

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Caution: Please Inform People of this Danger

Guest Blogger
Rav Dov Fischer:

In light of the recent tragedy in Brooklyn yesterday, killing 7 people* – I urge everyone to follow these advisories:
Every bedroom and hallway should have a working smoke detector. Batteries should be changed religiously twice a year when you change the clock.  Smoke detectors are effective in waking up sleeping residents in time to escape.  If you have an alarm system – get smoke detectors hooked up to your central monitoring station.
Plan an escape route with all home residents – even minors.  In case of
fire, doors should be closed as a barrier to the fire spreading even if one is fleeing.
Install Carbon Monoxide detectors on each floor as well.  CO is odorless and
is formed from incomplete combustion from any non-electric device such as ovens, ranges, dryers, water heaters, etc.  It causes people to sleep rather than flee – which is why CO detectors save lives.
Use common sense when lighting candles or placement of hot plates – far away from any fire hazard. Place the candlesticks for Shabbat candles on an aluminum tray.
Do not use extension cords for high-wattage and high-voltage items.

When using timers for items like an electric blech or a hot-water urn, use
the kinds of timers that are labeled as strong enough to handle window air conditioners.

Do not bypass your fuse boxes and electric "trippers" or "breakers."

Avoid off-brand hot plates, like some that are sold in "heimish" stores. Be
certain to use only UL-Listed hot plates.
Rabbi Dov Fischer
Kol Tuv,

Monday, 23 March 2015

Fire Safety and Shabbos / Yom Tov

I just sent the e-mail below to my Shul.
Feel free to copy and re-send
Besoros Tovos.
Akiva Males
         Rabbi Akiva Males
    Kesher Israel Congregation
         2500 N. Third Street
       Harrisburg, PA  17110
            (717) 238-0763

abc-2Kesher Israel E-Mail Update

Fire Safety and Shabbos / Yom Tov
An unfathomable tragedy occurred in Brooklyn, NY this past Shabbos. A Jewish family's home caught fire, and seven wonderful children perished. (An account of yesterday's heart-rending funerals can be read HERE.)
The cause of the fire seems to have been a hot plate that had been set up for Shabbos.
As the holiday of Pesach approaches, let's all be sure that we've done our utmost to protect our homes and families.
Here is a partial list of safety recommendations:
1) Each floor of our homes should have at least one smoke detector
2) Each home should have at least one carbon monoxide (CO) detector near the sleeping areas (please ensure all smoke / CO detectors are in working condition)
3) The batteries in those detectors should be tested / replaced whenever the clock is changed
4) Every home should have a simple-to-use and highly accessible fire extinguisher on each floor (yesterday, I found one at Lowe's for under $15)
5) Create and familiarize your family with a fire emergency plan
6) Shabbos / Yom Tov candles should be lit in a safe place (i.e. on a sturdy and non-flammable surface, away from curtains, out of reach of children / pets, etc.)
7) If gas stoves / ovens are left on, a kitchen window needs to be left open a few inches to provide ventilation (thereby avoiding potential CO poisoning)
8) Electrical appliances (i.e. hot water heaters, crock pots, hot plates, etc.) should be UL listed
9) Extension cords should not be used for kitchen appliances
10) Only 'heavy-duty' electrical timers should be used with kitchen appliances
11) In all emergencies, do not hesitate to call 911
After doing our best to keep our homes and families safe, we can truly wish one another a Chag Same'ach / Good Tom Tov.

Kesher Israel Congregation | 2500 N. Third Street | Harrisburg | PA | 17110