Thursday, 16 August 2007

Ethical Dilemma #2 Emerges from the Sports Pages

Originally posted 8/16/07, 9:21 AM, Eastern Daylight Time.
An ethical dilemma emerges from this week's sports pages: during the course of the past several years, TWO, not ONE, but TWO NBA coaches have been fined for publicly questioning the integrity of NBA officials. Now, it has been reported that at least one NBA official has been indicted on charges of altering the outcome of the game on behalf of mob-related gambling rings.

Assuming that this official is convicted (he actually pleaded guilty yesterday) and assuming that these coaches were addressing games negatively influenced by this scoundrel official, are these coaches entitled to a refund of their fines and an apology? Or not? Should they have kept their mouths shut in public and simply complained through "back-door" channels?

Rabbi Richard Wolpoe

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