Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Did The Great One Really Slaughter the Lesser one?

Originally published 3/5/08, 12:17 AM, Eastern Daylight Time.
Here is an allegorical explanation by the late Lubavicher Rebbe re: the Purim story wherein Rabba "slaughters" Rav Zeira.

Whether one subscribes to this particular allegory is not quite as important as the general idea that the story was probably never meant to be taken literally and there is SOME allegorical dynamic at its Aggadic Root


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Rabbi Ben Hecht said...

An interesting side issue that seems to also emerge, especially if one considers the comments made on this website regarding the Rebbe's presentation, is the question of what exactly is meant by the term allegory. The commentator on the website sees the Rabbe's understanding as not allegorical. In fact, he sees in the Rebbe's words a challenge to reading divrei Chazal in an allegorical manner. But are the Rebbe's words really a literal understanding of the story? Rabbi Wolpoe presents this story as an example of allegory. An issue may be whether the story happened or not, in any form. The Rebbe is clearly stating that something happened although he understands what happened in a non-literal fashion. Is the author of the comments on the website defining allegory as stating that something did not happen and that is why he sees the Rebbe's words as non-allegorical?

Rabbi Ben Hecht