Sunday, 11 May 2008

Responsa on Mother's Day and Kibbud Eim

Originally published 5/11/08, 9:12 PM.
Question: Since we are required to Honour our Mothers every day, is it appropriate to have a Mother's Day?
Response: We have a mitzva to remember the Exodus at least once or twice a Day. Is it appropriate to do more once a year? The answer is yes, one or two evenings a year we recited the story of the Exodus with a lot of pomp and circumstance. this in now way negatively impacts our daily obligation. Aderabbah, it enhances it!

Honouring one's Mother is a daily obligation. but there is no need to give her flowers, a card, and to treat her to dinner etc. There is only a need to honour and revere her. Once a year, we can add on to the daily obligation by going beyond the letter of the law [lifnim mishurat hadin]

Question: Would this also apply to thanksgiving?
Response: yes but I can make that into an extra Post on the Blog - so let's wait for that one!
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