Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Welcome Back from Beijing and Come 'on Baby Light my Fire!

Dear Readers:

I have "officially" returned from Beijing and the Olympics!
You mean YOU were in Beijing AT the Olympics?
Well yes and no.
What do you mean by yes and no?
Well I was in A Kosher Chinese Restaurant during ALL of my working hours
and WATCHING the Olympics on TV during my spare time!
You mean to say this restaurant is IN Beijing?
Not exactly, but most of the people that work there ARE from the People's Republic of China and DO speak Mandrain!

OK now that we have learned not to take things TOO liberally.
Liberally? you mean literally!
Yes, that too!.

Here is some Olympic/Chinese/Mashgiach Humor.

Mashigach: [to Chinese Restaurant owner] Did you see how that they began the Olympics by lighting the Olympic torch?
Owner: Yes I saw it on TV. It was quite a display!
Masjhgiach: Did they have their Mashgiach light the fire in Beijing OLympics, too? [just like here at the restaurant?]
Owner: LOL [Laughing Out Loud]

Kol Tuv / Best Regards,

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Dr Mike said...

You really are out of stuff, aren't you.