Friday, 19 September 2008

Gabbai Redemption - Sammy G.

Sammy G. My friend the Gabbai and I had a discussion as follows:

RRW: Sammy I was sorry to see you te victim of abuse a few weeks ago. Do you have any positve or favourable stories to lend?
Sammy G:Yes I do. I think you might like this one
RRW: Go on, pray tell
Sammy: Once I was Gabbai for ma'ariv and I waited for most of the people to finish. An old timer Z'ev called me on the carpet. he said that the Rabbi said to wait ONLY for the first 10 to finish and and no more.
RRW: So what's the good news?
Sammy: days later he apologized and said: After all it was MY show so he should not have 2nd guesed me. At last some consideration.
RRW: I'll say, but why did you not follow the Rabbi's rule?
Sammy: someimtes you need to be flexible. Usually we only have 10-15 people. So to wait for the first 10 is enough. But lets' say ther are 22 people? Am I gooing to wait for ONLY the first 10- and leave a MAJORITY stil saying shmone esrai? Of course, not. So I ws not arguin with the Rabbi Chalilah. Just that his rule was for the typcial case. I made an exceptoin because we had a bigger crowed than usual that night
RRW: I see that it kinda makes sense after all
Sammy G. Exactly. but even though Z'ev did not get the REAL reason, at least he realized that I was doing it for SOME reason and to give me the benfit of the doubt. Z'ev is a real mensch in the end. I wish others could admit their mistakes, or at least see the other side.
RRW: yes, I want to post on this further on re: middos.

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