Friday, 2 December 2011

Issur V'heter Overview in 3 Sections

Basic Rabbinic Literacy

Goal: To Prepare Prospective Students in 3 areas of Issur V'heter Using "Classic Texts"

Each Overview stands on its own and does not require going further in order to grasp these concepts on a basic level

Each Session is assumed to be 90 minutes. No preparation is necessary, but review is indispensable


Overview 1
Bassar b'Chalav

Sefer Minchat Hinuch - Mitzvot 92, 113

Rambam MT Ma'achalot Assurot Ch. 9

4-6 sessions


Overview 2 - M'lichah

SA YD 69- 78 with Be'er Hagolah, Ba'er Hetev

Hochmat Adam 43 with Yad Adam

6-8 sessions


Overview 3
Taaruvot of Hametz
SA O"Ch with Mishnah Brurah

7 - 9 sessions

Shalom and Regards, RRW


Nishma said...

I am sharing this with anyone interested in "getting their feet wet" in Issur v'Heter by offering a combination of both classic texts and basic principles.

Each Unit stands on its own without needing further study.

The goal is to master some principles, and to be familiar with a working knowledge of almost all of the basic terms.


micha said...

I'm not sure melichah is all that critical as "basic literacy" anymore. Rabbis need more background in things like the melakhos of bishul and borer in order to answer more of the questions they will actually get. (And more choshein mishpat for the questions they ought to actually get, but you wrote "issur veheter" anyway.)


PS: Either way, I bookmarked this post.