Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mussar: 10 Steps to Greatness

From Derech Emet Group:

10 Steps To Greatness by Rabbi Avigdor Miller
(Orthodox, born 1908, died 2001) from tape # 706

Do the following once a day
(if this is too much, maybe do one a day):

1. Spend 30 seconds thinking about Olam HaBa.

2. Say once privately: I LOVE YOU HASHEM!

3. Do one hidden or anonymous act of kindness.

4. Be like HaShem who lifts the humble;
say something to encourage someone.

5. Spend 1 minute about what happened yesterday
(Cheshbon HaNefesh).

6. Make all your actions should be LeShem Shamayim;
(say once during meals that you eat LeShem Shamayim.

7. Look at the face [of a righteous Jew] and think:
I see the Image of G_d (tzelem Elokim).

8. Give someone a big or full smile.

9. Appreciate your clothing for 30 seconds.

10. Sit briefly on floor and mourn the
Churban Beit HaMikdash.

He recommended doing the above exercises for thirty days.

"If you feel exhausted, take a break and come back slowly.
To become great, you have to be extreme."

Shalom and Best Reagrds,

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