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Mussar: Dan L'kaf Z'chut

Originally posted July 6. 2013

After reading. Several articles about some contentious issues in the media, I opened the Breslover Peirush on Avot 4:10, which was the next one in my seder! Hasgachah P'ratit.

B'Kitzur when you keep these things in mind, you can avoid fights and dissension

1. Bittul [ego-nullification] before Hashem

2. Realizing that we are not mind readers [part of cognitive therapy]

3. We are not in a position to judge another's circumstances and personal pain.

4. We should find the "Positive" N'kuddah in everyone.

Exceptions might be a Beth Din of 3. At that point, after investigation, and the checks and balances of a committee against the lone ego of the individual, a fair judgment could be rendered. But that takes a due process

מסכת אבות פרק ד

ד,י  [ח] הוא היה אומר, אל תהי דן יחידי, שאין דן יחידי אלא אחד; ואל תאמר קבלו דעתי, שהן רשאין ולא אתה.

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