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Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 551:11

 originally posted July 2, 2013

Mei'inyana d'yoma during the "Three Weeks" - some thoughts re: Accepted Practice in conjunction with Black Letter Halachah

My translation:
«Anyone who eats meat
in a place where they practice a prohibition
• tears down a boundary and
• will be bitten by a snake alternatively
may he be bitten by a snake.»
See B'er Hagolah 20 - Source is Shu"T Rashba

See Bei'ur haGRA 50 who cites 3 passages from the Talmud Bavli
• N'darim End of ch. 1
• Shabbat Ch.14
• A"Z ch. 2

How can anyone unilaterally permit something that has already been accepted as assur in a given place?

Perhaps if one has a Vaad such as in the 4 Lands of Poland they could do a Nimnu v'Gamru. Outside of that how can it work?

<The Hamburg Temple circa 1810>

There are at least 3 approaches to the installation of an Organ in the Hamburg Temple...

1. They were wrong because they overruled their contemporary G'dolei Haddor.

2. They were wrong because they were Poreitz Geder as above.

3. Since they technically complied with the letter or the law, they did nothing wrong at all.

Can we apply this to the issue of Semichah for Women?

1. It is wrong because it contradicts the G'dolei Haddor?

2. It's wrong because it's Poreitz Geder as above?

3. Since they technically comply with the letter or the law, they are doing nothing wrong?

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