Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Making a "Kiddush"* on Thanksgiving**

*Kiddush - Kiddush Hashem
**Thanksgiving - USA style

Guest Blogger:
R Akiva Males
* * * * *
It's time for my yearly 'heads up' that Thanksgiving is around the corner & here is a simple to do program which is sure to:

1) create much needed Kiddush Hashem
2) create important good-will btwn your organization / Jewish community and your fire and police depts.
3) foster good-will among your members who participate
4) guarantee your org some good press coverage
Please click here to read (and watch) about our Shul's annual Thanksgiving fire fighters feast: 

Here's a working link to the Jewish Press article that's quoted (it explains how to pull this off rather simply):

The local news outlets will be happy to cover this heart-warming program on Thanksgiving -- plenty of free (and positive) publicity and Kiddush Hashem.
I'm happy to offer any assistance I can.

All the best!
Akiva Males

Kol Tuv,

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