Sunday, 7 December 2014

New Series on Koshertube Highlighting the Complexity of Torah Ethics -- Introduction to Shaarei Yosher, Part 1

As presented in the Nishma Update for November, much of our study within Nishma this year will be on Jewish Ethics. By the term 'Ethics', we mean the matters within life that touch upon the general human concepts of right and wrong. In our study, we wish to look at how Torah touches upon this subject, on the general idea of good and evil and on the details of this subject that are the focus of humanity in general.

In this regard, while we have touched upon these themes within our printed materials in the last few months, we have also devoted a good number of our shiurim on this as well. Many of these shiurim can be found on Koshertube. You can specifically find many of my shiurim on this topic at

At this time, though, I wish to make you aware of a new series of shiurim which I will be giving, using the Introduction to Rav Shimon Schkopf's Shaarei Yosher, on the development of ethical concepts within Torah thought,. We will show how ethical principles are developed and how we then further respond to conflicts in the principles. The result is the honest presentation that Torah ethics, by definition, are complex for life is complex. It is God's demand of us to recognize this complexity and incorporate it properly in our lives-- with the use of our minds as directed by Torah. For the first in this series, please see

We hope you follow this series and we welcome you to share your ideas on the shiurim as we post about them on Nishmablog.

Rabbi Ben Hecht

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