Thursday, 30 July 2015

Even Ho'Ezer Siman 66

Here is a quick outline of some interesting points we discussed re: denominations with regard to
Kessef M'dina vs. Kessef Tzori
KM vs. KTz

1. Value of coins covers:
A. Even Ho'ezer re: K'tubbah
B. Yoreh Dei'ah re: Pidyon habbein
C. Tangentially; Orach Chaim re: Machatzit Hashekel

2. Q: What is status of Machatzit Hashekel?
A: No D'oraito because we use half of KM as opposed to KTz

B. Not even a D'rabbanan because no B'rachah...
C. Ergo a Zecher l'mikdash b'alma
D. Contrast this to S'firat ha'Omer - which is also a Zecher per most Poskim - yet also has a B'rochoh. So it seems to be at least a full-fledged D'rabbanan or even a D'oraito according to some.

3. What kind of Kessef is a K'tbbah for a B'tulah?
A. Rabbenu Tam: 100% D'oraito ergo KTz

B. Rif, Rambam, M'Chabbeir and others: 100% D'rabbanan ergo KM

C. Rosh, Mordechai, and current Minhag Ashk'naz: while the Rabbanan created the k'tubbah, nevertheless they insisted on d'oraito money - KTz. Perhaps this is due to "assu hizzuk l'divreihem". Ergo it is a hybrid.

D. Sheetat Agudah / Maharil as quoted by Rema - needs more elaboration.

4. Pidyon Habbein -
A. Still Mid'oraito
B. Ergo requires KTz

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