Thursday, 17 December 2015

Czar Nicholas II and Anti-Semitism

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Question to ponder:
Had Hitler YS"V never lived would Nicholas II bad been deemed the worst Anti-Semitic ruler of the 20th Century?


Garnel Ironheart said...

No, there's always Stalin, y"sh. Also most of the British prime ministers.

micha berger said...

Was the Czar an outright antisemite? Was Sancheirev or Antiochus?

All three were people who ran an empire that they tried to keep unified by pushing a common culture and assimilation on the minorities.

It wasn't so much that Nicholas hated Jews as much as we resisted all lighter forms of Russification. He therefore didn't want new Jewish-qua-Jewish communities, ever since Peter the Great in 1827 the Czars drafted kids until they forgot their uniquely Jewish faith and culture, etc...

For that matter, Peter tried the Cantonist program on the Romani and Old Ritualists (a breakaway church) in 1805, and didn't get to using it to assimilate us and the Qaraites until 1827.

He was more pragmatically driven than hate driven.

The effect is the same to us, however. (For those who get the reference, it's kind of like saying the Borg doesn't operate out of hate. So?)

We stood in his way either way.