Tuesday, 16 February 2016

New RBH shiur on Koshertube: Defending Oneself and Defining Oneself

One is always called up to defend oneself against enemies. What happens in many societies, though, it that the very definition of the society is then defined by this battle. Leaders are identified by their ability in the fight against the enemy. Is this also the way of Torah or is it, within Torah, that we choose to define ourselves outside consideration of the

In his latest Koshertube shiur, Nishma's Rabbi Hecht discusses this issue. We invite you to view Defending Oneself and Defining Oneself at http://koshertube.com/videos/index.php/blog/archives/templates/components/index.php?option=com_seyret&Itemid=4&task=videodirectlink&id=22028

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