Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Dear Ted Cruz -- Part 4

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 From RRW

My comments, on the above, in outline form:

1. The terms Jewish, Christian, and Judeo-Christian are essentially "red herrings" or "strawmen" terms....

2. R Gruen‎wald's positions seems to be identical to that of the Progressive / Liberal. They typically take their cues - as do most liberal Jews - from the NY Times, etc. And not from the Torah. It is Jewish in the sense that most Jews in the USA actually profess Progressive Liberalism.   Dennis Prager, among others, has protested this phenomenon

3. Ted Cruz and R Poupko do share a common value which I will call "Traditionalism". This movement is best articulated by Edmund Burke and his followers. Those values include patriotism and resistance to radicalism, EG the Jacobite‎s of the French Revolution

4. There are common Jewish-Christian values EG the sanctity of human life. 

NB:  There are differences in details, EG between the extreme Roman Catholic position against all abortion vs. the highly nuanced position of Orthodox Judaism. Both sides see life as sacred and manifest their policies by weighing several key factors differently.


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