Sunday, 3 April 2016

From Purim to Pesach

originally posted on 3/27/12

The focus of our discussions on Pesach is about beginnings. In reality, though, Pesach follows Purim and the days before Pesach are affected by the fact that they are also the days after Purim. In our modern world, Pesach follows Purim; Pesach's celebration is affected by the prior celebration of Purim.

Nishma's Rabbi Hecht discusses the possible significance of this flow of time at

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Mr. Cohen said...

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg said:

There is no Jewish holiday and no Jewish experience that more divides the “haves” from the “have-nots” than Pesach.

The contrast between those experiencing Pesach with endless menu options, midnight BBQ’s, quinoa sushi stations, and round-the-clock tea rooms and those who literally don’t know how they will buy matzah or wine, let alone meat, is startling and staggering.

Give Proportionally to What You Spend on Your Pesach
by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, 2016 March 29