Thursday, 23 June 2016

Rabbi Meir Pogrow Denounced for Sexual Misconduct by Six Rabbis from US and Israel

From RRW
The halachic community needs to come to terms with a hyper-sexed society. This is not ez. I stopped watching TV except for baseball

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Micha Berger said...

Personally, I use online services to watch reruns from the early days of the spiral downward or before.

However, I also wanted to add that erring in the other direction also doesn't work. At some point you get into "don't think about pink elephants!" territory. I never would have thought about pink elephants, but because you raised the topic by warning me, I am now bound to think about them. Similarly, walking down the street near a Gerer housewife isn't a sexualized experience UNTIL Ger decides to have separate sidewalks. Then suddenly the harchaqah (distancing measure) becomes the reason the experience has sexual overtones. Our sages struck a balance between too little and too much, we shouldn't be inventing our own harchaqos.

BTW, so many of these cases would never had gotten very far had people taken note of the perpetrator's violating yichud (being alone behind closed doors with a member of the opposite sex). Not the abuse of boys by men, but cases like this one should never have gotten this bad. Revering rabbis can't cloud our judgment about an obvious violation when it's self-evident they're doing something wrong. I mean, even the NY Public School system has a similar rule to yichud. See something, say something.