Thursday, 4 August 2016

Tisha B'Av Inspired Media‏

From RRW
 Guest Blogger R Avraham Bronstein:
If you're looking for something that hits Tisha B'Av themes more head-on, here are a few more I remember being good. Please note that I don't remember if any of these had objectionable language or content. If you want to screen these, I'd recommend pre-watching them.

Storm of Emotions (2006), about the Gaza disengagement.
(this one was VERY well done, and elicited a very emotional response)

#17 Is Anonymous (2003), about the aftermath of a 2002 bus bombing in Israel
(this is a bit procedural, but it does a good job of showing the effects of living under terror in Israel.)

HaKayitz Shel Aviya (1989), about a Holocaust survivor and her young daughter, coping with the former's increasingly deteriorating mental health in early-state Israel.

Hang Man (2010), about Eichmann's hangman turned shochet.

(this one is also very powerful, and deals directly with the possibility of faith after churban)

Life Is Strange
(I guess this is technically a Holocaust film, but it's really more focused on pre-war Europe)

Israel in a Time of Terror (Dennis Prager, during the Second Intifada)

I hope some of these are helpful.

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