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Teki'ah At Ne'ilah - Tur O"Ch 622-623

From RRW

Q1: What is the earliest source for blowing‎ at the end of Ne'ilah?
Q2: What does the Te'kiah accomplish?
Q3: When is it sounded‎?
Q4: Which notes ares sounded?

A1: I'm still not certain, but it seems to be post Talmudic

Several reasons are "proferred" in B"Y
A. Related to Yoveil - Mordechai
B. So as to co-incide with silluk haschinah. - Hagahot Maimoniyyot
‎C. Tosafot - to indicate it's nightfall. Arguably a good reason to blow after night "mamash" and perhaps to delay until after Arvit

Several options are mentioned:
A. ‎Yeish Nohagin Miyydad after Ne'ila
B. Some before "sheimos"

Opionions differ
A Tashrat
B. Te'ki'ah
Bottom line, there is not a rigid consensus at the end of the Rishonim as to how this‎ works.
EG The Bach‎ does favor as close to Ne'ilah possible, but this appears to be a preference not an absolute because he characterizes it as "adif t'fei"

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