Sunday, 4 June 2017

Sally Yates tells Harvard Law grads why she defied President Trump

From RRW

I was there attended my daughter's HLS graduation

When the crowd erupted in applause, I played Chuck Schumer and sat on my hands with a mild look of disdain. I muttered quietly in agreement about the suggestion that should should have resigned in lieu of play "leader of the opposition" while in office. To me that is a function of the legislators not of members of the executive branch.

Here is the Torah Part

See the last Mishnah in Makkos‎ that R Akiva's opposition to capital punishment could lead to "af hein marbin rotzhchin".

Following the attack in Manchester, I wondered to myself if the Sally Yates's eiztos was making such attacks easier by lowering the "bar" (that pun is intended) protecting us from outsiders from dangerous places.  ‎One only wonders if during that week, CV"S a cell got into the USA due to the defiance of the ban.  

There was no mention of moslems in the Ban. One had to darshen that into the order, and at the potential expense of our safety.

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