Sunday, 20 August 2017

Tehillim and Torah on the Upcoming Eclipse

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R Joel Finkelstein

When we see the eclipse Monday (Be sure to wear your goggles), we may feel a need to thank G-d for nature, for the wonders of the world and the universe. 

Rabbi Chaim David Halevi, former chief rabbi of  Tel Aviv  says that if we feel so moved, we should say Vayevarech david from our daily prayers, I Chronicles 29, 10-19

Rabbi David Lau says that those who wish to express their feelings should try Psalm 19, Hashamayim mesaprim kvod kel 

or Psalm 104 Barchi nafshi, which we say on Rosh Chodesh, Tues and Wed.

I would add  the third to last psalm, Psalm 148, Halelu et Hashem min hashamaim.

And for more on Eclipses and Torah, see‎

Also, Tzvi Pittinsky on eclipses in Tanach,

We do live in a wonderful, expansive world and the eclipse is but one piece of G-d's amazing puzzle called the universe. 


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