Thursday, 4 January 2018

Over 1000 Nishma video shiurim on Koshertube on YouTube

Koshertube is now much further along in its transfer to Youtube with many of its library of videos now available on its new YouTube site. This includes over 1000 video shiurim from Nishma featuring Rabbi Selevan, Rabbi Hecht and others.

The link to the Koshertube on YouTube site is
From there, if you click on Playlists, you will find the playlists for the Nishma video shiurim.

FYI, the two largest Nishma playlists are:

Aaron Selevan - For Nishma at
with over 1000 shiurim in its own right

Rabbi Benjamin Hecht - Nishma at
with over 300 shiurim

There are also other Nishma playlists if you check out the general page of playlists.

We invite to check out these Nishma video shiurim. As time progresses, there, of course, iy"H, will be new additions.

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