Tuesday, 29 May 2018

7 Myths About The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

From RRW
"Know thy enemy"


Comment from RBH

Of course, the article presented in the above link has a very strong bias which, furthermore, reflects many misperceptions and misundertstandings of the underlying facts. It, nonetheless, is important to read as it does show how those who are vehemently anti-Israel attempt to defend their viewpoints. It is, thus, necessary for a supporter of Israel to actually know the arguments that he/she will face and to be able to respond directly to them. For example, as I have pointed out previously, it is not enough to refer to the 1947 UN Partition Plan as providing absolute legitimacy for a State of Israel. What gave the UN the authority to impose its will on the inhabitants of this land? This article makes an allusion to this issue. The fact is that there is an answer to this question and it extends beyond the authority of the UN. In a certain way, the presentation of the status of the people on the land, in this article, is somewhat misleading. There is also the further reality which explains why Palestine had a higher standard of living in 1947 than in 1847 and many Arabs, over that century, thus emigrated to it. 

As Pirkei Avot states, dah mah l'tashiv -- know how to answer the heretic. We present this link in this spirit.

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