Monday, 21 January 2019

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From RRW
Recently, at the conclusion of their Shabbat service, Congregation Bnai Yeshurun bid farewell to retiring Teaneck Police Officer Eddie Hahn who has stood guard outside the shul for the better part of a decade. He was truly touched by the gesture and sent the following note of gratitude.
 Thanks for the sendoff

Rabbi Pruzansky and the Congregation at Bnai Yeshurun,

     I want to take a moment to again thank you and your congregation for the wonderful sendoff and warm wishes.  As anyone who has worked the security detail with me can attest, I am generally not short on words or afraid to share my opinions.  When you all brought me inside last Saturday, I was truly overwhelmed and for once in my life left speechless.

    When I began working Temple Details, as we call them, about ten or twelve years ago I had no idea what to expect.   My two daughters were heading to college so it made sense to start working them, but I wasn't sure if it was something I would come to enjoy or regret.  I never anticipated that I would continue to work them every weekend I could until the end of my career.  And I honestly never expected to meet so many wonderful people whom I now call friends.   Over those years I have traded many stories, enjoyed hours upon hours of conversation and became part of a new community of friends.   I found I was excited to get to Temple to find out who was expecting a new grandchild, taking a long awaited trip to Israel, how a fishing trip to Rhode Island or a local stream with the kids had gone or how a mountain climb in Washington state went.   I began to learn the names and families of those I was crossing and when I didn't see a regular for a few weeks I would become concerned and ask if they were alright or perhaps on a trip themselves.  For lack of a better word, you all became my "Shabbos Family" and I will forever be grateful for having been given the opportunity and the privilege of getting to know you all. 

A special thanks to the entire congregation for all the weekly "Thank You" and "Good Shabbos" wishes (Rabbi, I think on some weekends I may have gotten more Good Shabbos greetings than you) over the years, Thank You for thinking of me with water bottles and ice cream when the weather was hot or coffee, cheesecake or even soup when cold.  It has truly been my Honor and my pleasure to be able to do what little I could to ensure the safety and security of my extended family.  God Bless you all.


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