Monday, 16 November 2020

Are we confronting the different definitions of "JEWISH'?

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We Are Family: Rethinking Race in the Jewish Community | Rabbi Angela Buchdahl |Yom Kippur 5781/2020

What we really are encountering -- even as we also, at the same time, attempt to avoid this issue -- is the simple fact that the very definition of "Jewish" is in flux and people still talk as if all agree on its singular meaning. It's not -- this is what I think Jewish means. It's -- this is what we all really agree Jewish means. And even though that is so problematic, we are not willing to state the basic reality -- that is what you may think Jewish means but it is not what others think Jewish means. It's all around us: there are different definitions of Jewish. We still though, do not want to confront this

Rabbi Ben Hecht


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