Sunday, 30 September 2007

Positive Feedback from a Fan of NishmaBlog

Originally published 9/30/07, 5:05 PM, Eastern Daylight Time.
Rabbi Ben Hecht's daughter received this comment, from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

I just wanted to let you know that I've finally had the chance to look at part of the Nishma' blog and it's fabulous. I really enjoy the strong intellectual content, which is untempered by the cynicism, sarcasm and down right meanness that so often pervades solid intelligent writing nowadays. ...It's a pleasure to see Judaism, Orthodox Judaism, halakhic Judaism, discussed with great analysis of the ethical and philosophical issues and without fear of heresy. May it only be strengthened, and may your father only be strengthened in his very noble and productive endeavors.

L'shanah tovah,

--Gmar Tov,
Best Wishes for 5768,

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Rabbi Richard Wolpoe said...

Maybe being classy or dignified is not quite a s popular as being nasty or controversial - nevertheless we like it that way. This e-mail is special because it is rare that people actually take the time to appreciate this approach.