Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hilchot Issuing Protests

1. Is there a procedure to be followed before going public with a protest?

2. Are there guidelines for issuing a Macha'ah?

3. When is the time to start a Q'tatah with cynics who are belittling Torah Observance?


Before issuing any public Hochacah or starting a "K'tatah"
I strongly recommend seeing Siman 1 of Mishnah Brurah's Bei'ur Halacha -
D"H V'lo Yitbaiyesh"

Only following "ufatach b'shalom v'lo nishm'u d'varav," are we entitled to make a Hochachah

And then, OTOH, afterwards, we are obliged to make a strong protest against "mal'igim"


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