Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Torah from Israel - Ameilut "in the eyes of the Beholder"

A young fellow "Ilan" return from Yeshiva in Israel and I proceeded to engage him in a conversation

RRW: Are they using Hebrew Artscroll G"maras in your yeshiva?

Ilan: Chas v'Shalom

RRW: Why C"V?

Ilan: The day yeshivot start relying on Artscroll for G'mara, is the day Yeshivot will stop being "ameilim b'torah"

RRW: Well can't they be ameilim in Rishonim such as Rosh and Ran instead of struggling with p'shat in the G'mara itself?

Ilan: That doesn't count, the students must struggle to learn p'shat

RRW: Well isn't Rashi a tool for p'shat?.....

RRW: What else are you learning besides g'mara?

Ilan: I do two p'raqim of Navi a day

RRW: Wow! What do you use? Rashi, Metzudot? Radaq?

Ilan: Why Artscroll of course!


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