Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The True Challenge

Nishma's first article, entitled The True Challenge, was described as a Nishma Position Paper in that it expressed an essential aim of the organization. Written, however, when I was still young, even soon after I wrote it, I felt it, perhaps, expressed a youthful bravado that was inappropriate. Having recently re-read it, though, I found that despite its tone, it still best encapsulated much of what we are. In fact the issues emanating from the greater society to which I referred are even more existent today.

It was, as such, with this in mind that I felt it would be appropriate to re-circulate the article. In this regard, I thought that a link to it should be posted on the Nishmablog with this invite to read The True Challenge at We do invite you to read this article.

Rabbi Ben Hecht

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