Friday, 18 October 2013

JTA: Non-Jews in Struggling Jewish day schools

«"The Torah, and also the Bible, tells us how to live right, how to get right and how to stay right," he says.

This might be a typical scene in any Jewish day school except for one thing: The boy isn't Jewish.
Fifth-grader Seth Pope is one of 58 non-Jewish students at the Lippman School, Akron's only Jewish day school.

Four years ago, the school — then known as the Jerome Lippman Jewish Community Day School — was teetering. Enrollment had tumbled to 63 students, 33 of them Jews, and it was unclear whether the school could survive in this Rust Belt city 40 miles south of Cleveland.

Like a number of day schools in Jewish communities with dwindling populations, Lippman for years had been accepting a few non-Jewish students, but without any modifications to the Jewish-focused curriculum.»
New hope for struggling Jewish day schools: Non-Jews | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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