Thursday, 19 November 2015

Solidarity with Israel‏

From RRW

Ahavat Hinnom in action

You are invited to a Wedding in Jerusalem ( and stay for Shabbat)!
As many of you may have read - Sarah-Techiyah Litman and her chattan Ariel Bigel -- have invited the ‘entire Jewish People’ to their wedding next week. Sarah-Techiya lost her father and brother in a brutal terrorist attack last week.

We would like to, as such, open our home in Jerusalem (Baka) to you and would like offer a group from your Shul to be here next Thursday night – and to stay with us, have Shabbat meals with us and provide for your needs (in other words all you need to do is pay for your flight over). Our sole parameter is that we can only host around 10 people. We, though, will arrange everything on this end – just show up.

The wedding is Thursday night November 26th at Binyanai HaUma in Jerusalem.

Please be in touch if you would like to come – we would love to have you!

Mazel tov and may Hashem bless His people with peace.

The Goldscheider Family

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