Friday, 1 April 2016

Occupy Democrats, Ben Carson, and‏

From RRW

Media Recview: put on your skeptical glasses!‏
Gravity Well :

"The point may be well taken that candidates who expound on scientific topics such as climate change and evolution should be able to demonstrate a thorough grounding in those subjects if they expect to be taken seriously.

==> Our point here, however, is not to debate Dr. Carson's bona fides or the rightness or wrongness of his positions, but to emphasize that criticism of what a candidate has to say should present the reading audience with what he actually said, not with misleading interpretations, distortions, or exaggerations of his words."
V'Nomar Amein!

So here is how the game seems to be played
1. Disproportionately Exaggerate the comments made by a Candidate X

2. Get disproportionately indignant

3. Instead of dispassionately and skeptically discounting the process, blow it out of proportion with further accusations and innuendos

4. Fool ourselves into thinking this hysterical (whoops politically incorrect term!!!) is sain. Instead of stepping back and realizing that this is highly neurotic.

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