Friday, 28 November 2008

Lessons from Mumbai

There seems to be an attempt by some in the political world and in the media to distinguish between acts of terrorism in Israel and similar acts elsewhere in the world. Through maintaining such distinction, such individuals can argue for one method of responding to terrorism in the rest of the world while arguing for another method to be applied in Israel where, pursuant to the perception of these individuals, the terrorism is even seen to be understandable. I wonder what these people will do with the events in Mumbai. Here is a global act of terrorism that not only included Jews in their tragic numbers but specifically included in the terrorist planning a Jewish site with specific Israeli connections. What happened in Mumbai states that there is no distinction between terrorism in the rest of the globe and the terrorism that occurs in Israel. They both have the same motivation and intent. Its time for the world to start recognizing this and stop demanding of Israel what they would not do in their own battles against terrorism including talking with a "government" that supports terrorism.

Yet there is not only a lesson for the world from the tragedy of Mumbai but one for us as well. Of course, our hearts went out to our fellow yidden murdered in this horrible way and to their families. HaMakom yekom damam. It is only natural that our pain is much greater when Jews are included in the innocent victims of such hatred. Yet, if this event shows that the world should recognize that what is happening in Israel is a mirror on the world, what is happening in the world is also a mirror on what happens in Israel. We are told that everything in the universe is for the sake of klal Yisrael. This is not meant to tell us to see everything through particularly Jewish eyes and only consider what is happening in the world in terms of how it can impact narrowly on Jews. It is meant to tell us that what happens in the world, by definition, affects what happens to us because we are an integral part of the world. Terrorism anywhere in the globe is a concern of klal Yisrael because we are invariably part of the world. The state of the world is a Jewish matter.

Rabbi Ben Hecht

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Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

No, it's not just an attempt to differ Jewish victims of terrorism from other victims but rather it's an attempt to treat the terrorists themselves differently because of the Muslim background.

If a Jewish pioneer in Yesha beats up an Arab intruder on his land, all Jews are guilty and Judaism is a religion of violence and occupation.

If a pro-life activist gets physical with a pro-abortion activist, then all pro-life activists are religious fanatics who want to deny women basic human rights.

But if a Muslim attacks and kills people, screaming "God is a mouse!" and quoting verses from the Koran to support himself? Oh, he's a loner who's perverting the true nature of Islam.

Because we can't face the idea that a major world religion is hell bent on world conquest. It wold require us to do something other than watch the Leafs tonight.