Sunday, 28 July 2019

Jewish Fawning of Omar Has Made Her More Aggressive

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Mr. Cohen said...

Melanie Phillips said:

“Yet the Democratic Party, which still attracts unquestioning support from some three-quarters of Jewish voters, has failed to discipline these women [Ilhan Omar (Democrat-Minnesota), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat-New York), Rashida Tlaib (Democrat-Michigan) and Ayanna Pressley (Democrat-Massachusetts)] — not just for their Jew-baiting, but also for their deep-dyed anti-Americanism and anti-White racism.”

SOURCE: In Trump vs. 'the Squad,'
American Jews have picked the wrong target

by Melanie Phillips, 2019/7/18


Harry Maryles said:

“These four freshmen congresswomen have
been granted far more attention, influence,
and power than any other first-term
congressmen in US history!”

SOURCE: A Word to My Readers
by Harry Maryles, 2019 July 17


The most senior Democrat in the USA government,
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has also condemned

“[Ilhan] Omar’s use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial
accusations about Israel’s supporters” as “deeply offensive.”

SOURCE: Ilhan Omar’s Pro-BDS Resolution
Isn’t About Free Speech — It’s About Hating
Israel and Jews
by Adelle Nazarian, 2019/7/19

Mr. Cohen said...


What is the Israeli-Arab conflict really about?


The Koran teaches that Jews are
the worst enemies of Muslims.

The Koran’s 5th chapter, verse 82 says:

“You will find that the people most
hostile towards the believers [Muslims]
are the Jews and the polytheists...”


Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Book 56:
Narrated by Abu Huraira:

Allah's Messenger [Mohammed] said,

"The [Final] Hour will not be established
until you fight with the Jews,
and the stone behind which a Jew
will be hiding will [miraculously] say:

"O Muslim!
There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him!"

SOURCE: Sahih al-Bukhari 2924, Book 56,
Hadith 137, Volume 4, Book 52, Hadith 175

NOTE: Hadith are sacred Islamic stories about Mohammed.
NOTE: This story appears in the Hadith seven (7) times!


The Koran requires the "abasement and poverty" of Jews:


At a [year] 1937 [CE] lecture to the British
Foreign Ministry, the King of Saudi Arabia said:

“Verily, the word of Allah teaches us,
and we implicitly believe this...
for a Muslim to kill a Jew...
ensures him immediate entry into Heaven...”

The Holocaust’s Most Vicious Killers
by Edwin Black, The Jewish Press,
2011/1/21, pages 1 and 91.


Mr. John Rossomando said:

“[IUMS Trustee Sheikh Hassan Ould] Aldo
and the [Muslim] Brotherhood use language
similar to what Hamas used in its original
charter, which rejected any peaceful coexistence.

To them, Palestine is part of
a waqf, a holy Islamic trust,
that no person can negotiate away.”

SOURCE: Muslim Brotherhood,
Hamas: No Peace as Long as Israel Exists

by Mr. John Rossomando, 2019 July 1


Louis René Beres said:

“For Hamas, the Israeli enemy is more
than just a geo-strategic opponent.

It is, rather, a delegated religious target
slated for annihilation, one whose obligatory
and violent elimination will confer blessedly
eternal life upon the Islamic sacrificer”.

SOURCE: Radical Islam:
Terrorism as Power Over Death

by Louis René Beres, 2019 January 3


“If one or more of the parties knows that peace
implies the end of its existence, it has no motive
to return to peace. That is how the radical Islamists
of Hamas view the future of Muslim society.

A wealthy and successful Jewish state next to
a poor and dysfunctional Palestinian state
may imply the end of the moral authority of Islam,
and some Palestinians would rather fight to
the death than embrace such an outcome.

Rather than consign their children to the
Western milieu of personal freedom and sexual
license, radical Muslims will fight to the death.”

SOURCE: How Civilizations Die
(chapter Introduction, page xiv) by David P. Goldman,
year 2011 CE, Regnery Publishing, ISBN 978-1-59698-273-4


Sarah Idan [Former Miss Iraq] said:

“The issue between Arabs and Israelis goes
beyond policy disagreements. It’s deeply
rooted in the belief systems taught in
Muslim countries, which are anti-Semitic.”

Ex-Miss Iraq Sarah Idan Blasts Anti-Semitism
Biased Media Coverage Against Israel

by Shiryn Ghermezian 2019 July 3

The Israeli-Arab conflict is NOT ABOUT LAND.
It is about Islam’s most sacred books and
Arab schools teaching hate against Jews.