Sunday, 17 May 2009


Someone suggested that Qitniyyot was a foolish custom day one so why bother? OK if Rema is in error let's ask the following questions re: deviations from Talmudic fundamentals:

  1. Why mourn during Sefira?
  2. Why observe Lag Ba'omer?
  3. Why prohibit polygamy?

  • Why do we not follow Talmudic mores in mourning e.g.
  • Covering the head
  • Turning over the bed
  • Baring one's shoulder.

The Rema says that nonGlatt is acceptable. The mechabber R Y Karo who permis Qitniyyot has a very strict version of GLATT. Much stricter than American Glatt

So are those kvetching re: the "humra" of Glatt the same ones kvetching re: Qitniyyot? If so do they look for eclectic leniencies and favor every lenient position?

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