Sunday, 31 May 2009

A Qabbalistic Prayer for Forgiveness Before Bedtime

Introduction to Qri'as Shema al Hamittah - The prayer Before Sleeping

Master of the Universe!
I hereby Forgive all who those who:
  • Angered me or
  • Anteganoized me or
  • Who sinned against me -
Whether Against:
  • My body or
  • My property or
  • My honer or
  • Anything else that is mine
  • Against his/her will or
  • Wilfully, or
  • Negligently or
  • Wantonly,
Whether via:
  • Speech or
  • Deed or
  • Deliberation or
  • Fleeting Though - Passing fancy
Whether during:
  • this incarnation or
  • another incarnation
On behalf of any Fellow Human Being.
And May no one be punished on my account...


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