Saturday, 7 November 2009

Alternate Programs for Beqi'us; To Daf or To Daf Not

As in our recent poll we're assuming a moderate level of learning and about an hour a day to devote to learning beqi'us

Alternative 1
Simple. Cover Daf Yomi using Shottenstein with footnotes, or a similar daf yomi tool (Such as other user-friendly editions with comments)

When covering all of Shas with any kind of notes expounding the sugyos, you get a bit of just about everything.

Alternative 2
A 7.5 year program
(Note I expect this program to evolve based upon feedback)

First year

Mishna Yomis with Kehatti (or other commentary) (6 year cycle). This is the single most important aspect of the program.

Kitzur SA Yomi (1 year cycle). This covers the bare minimum of Halachah

Sefer Hamitzvos of the Rambam using commentary (EG Rambam l'am or Rav Chavel's vsersion with Ramban) 1 positive and 1 negative a day. When positives run out do the 14 shroshim. This gives a great overview of Taryag by the Master.

Year 2
Do Humash and Rashi one aliya per day. (1 year cycle). Rashi on Humash is as basic as one can get

Sefer Hamitzvos Hakatzar - a Kitzur of the Rambam by the "Chofetz Chayyim"

Year 3
SA Yomi (1 year cycle)
The entire range of practical halachah. Tur, Levush, or Aruch Hashulchan are alternatives to be considered.

Sefer Hachinuch about 2 mitzvos a day (1 year cycle)
This expands the Rambam' ShM with a lot of input from Ramban.

Year 4
Humash and Torah Temima one aliya per day. (1 year cycle). Building upon Rashi's method of connecting TSBP to the Humash.

Year 5
Rambam Mishnah Torah and commentary (EG Rambam L'am) 1 chapter a day (3 year cycle) Alternative Programs might do 3 chapters a day in one year - EG the 7th year after covering all of Mishnayos.

5 Megillos with Torah Temima (can be completed over 2 years)

Year 6
Continue Mishnah Torah

Finish Mishna Yomis and any loose ends from previous years

Year 7
Continue Rambam

Shmiras Halashon Yomi classic Mussar with a sampling of Zohar and Midrash

Year 8 (half year)
Sefer Chofetz Chayyim Yomi (4 months)

Sefer Mitzvos Hashem
(30 day cycle). Another good review of mitzvos with a Halachic bent.

Alternative 3

Give yourself about 15 years and do BOTH!


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