Friday, 23 March 2012

25 Adar - Yarhrzeit for my Mom A"H

B"H I was able to do a mini-Siyyum in memory of my Mom, who was a "pioneer" in the Day School movement, a protege of R Charlie Batt A"H and of Dr. Joe Kaminetsky A"H
Sunday evening I completed 3 volumes
1 Torah T'mimah on B'reisheet
2 Sefer Mishlei
3 And a sefer from our own choveir R J Simcha Cohen' - "Jewish Prayer - The Right Way"
For the Siyyum I picked out the article on the S'phardic custom of Pointing during Hagbah [at least one of the guests there is S'phardic!]

Note: I saved Mishnah Seder Mo'ed for Erev Pesach to help out @ Cong. Beth Aaron

Chag Kosher v'Somei'ach


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