Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Kashering Bechers at Breuer's

Around 1988 we were kashering some of our Keilim at KAJ/Breuer's. There they usually had one of the Rabbonim of the "Kehillo" supervising each item.

That night it was the turn of Rav Eliyahu Glucksman Z"L. I had brought in some small "bechers" to kasher

REG: have these been used for Whiskey or Beer?
RRW: Yes some have
REG: Then, our Minhag is NOT to kasher them!
RRW: ?!?!?
REG: Look it's JUST a [local] Minhag.
RRW: OK [taking REG to mean <wink wink> kasher them elsewhere if necessary]

Hag Kasher v'Samei'ach,

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