Friday, 31 August 2012

Choleh Mishebeirach on Shabbat

Mar'eh M'komot
Rema O"Ch 288:10
MGA 14
Ba'er Hetev 13
Shaarei T'shuvah
M"B 28

Rema: Allows a b'rachah for a "Choleh ham'sukkan bo bayyom"

BH"T + S"T seem to require adding the phrase "Shabbat hee miliz'ok"* for the Rema's case

The M"B seems to say that a Choleh Mishebierach for a m'sukkan requires no Shabbat hee miliz'ok, rather that phrase is for a "Choleh she'ein bo sakkanah"

Shma minah
M"B holds
• A choleh Mishebierach may be said for ANY Choleh
That Shabbat hee miliz'ok is used only when there's no sakkanah

Which seems to disagree with Rema BH"T.

*The ArtScroll Siddur translates this as "though Shabbat prohibits us from crying out".

From what I know of Nusach Chabad, they essentially say ONLY the name and "Shabbat hee miliz'ok" and skip the rest of the nusach.

Shanah Tovah,
Best Wishes for 5773!

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Micha Berger said...

My father repeated besheim RYBS (said in Moriah, but I can't tell you what year) that Mi sheBeirakh on Shabbos is only said for a yeish bo saqanah.

I noticed that telecom has changed what Mi sheBeirakh means. It was once an expression of concern for a member of the qehillah or their close relative. Who knew about other cholim? A tight connection to a small group of people.

Now we have chain calls etc... and have turned Mi sheBeirakh for a choleh into a statement of a shallower but broader connection. From sharing a close one's worry to declaring the unity of the Jewish People.

Both statements are of value, but they are very different. And I wonder whether anyone permitted making baqashos on Shabbos on these new grounds. It's one thing when someone in the room is suffering (perhaps 2nd hand) to the point that their Shabbos is ruined. But making a baqashah on Shabbos for a friend-of-a-friend? Perhaps we shouldn't.