Friday, 3 August 2012

The 7.5 Year Plan -An Alternate

This is not a 150% variation of the Soviet Era 5-year plans, rather it is an alternative plan to the 7.5 year plan initiated by R Meir Shapiro

Shloymie: Well, what's wrong with RMS's plan?

RRW: Nothing really, but it's not for everybody. I'm generally not in favour of one-size fits all.

So let's see what can be accomplished in 7.5 years?

1. Sh'nayim Mikra. A Chance to learn Humash and Rashi [or another peirush] very well.

2. 1 Perek Mishnayot a day. ETA to Finish Sha"s Mishnah [consisting of 555 chapters] 1.5 years

3. 1 perek Mishneh Torah a Day. ETA to complete Rambam's Mishneh 1080 chapters - 3 Years.

4. Kitzur SA Yomi. ETA - 1 year

5. Shulchan Aruch Yomi - 1 Year


2a Rambam's Sefer Hammitzvot as an optional intro to his M"T, ETA 2 months.


A less ambitious Mishnayyot regimen can be done at a pace of 2 minsnayyot a day [ETA 6 years] or 3 mishnayot a day [ETA 4 years] allowing other concurrent programs.

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