Wednesday, 30 January 2013

7 DVD Special on the Holocaust from ALDEN FILMS

ALDEN FILMS announces a new 7-DVD special on the Holocaust:

Clarksburg, NJ — .... A Remembrance of History's Lowest Point is an inspection of .... The Holocaust was the  inevitable result of the culmination of 19 centuries of Antisemitism. What began  as a hatred of a religion became a new type of hatred never seen before–imputing a cosmic evil to all Jews, whether living, or dead. The Holocaust collection traces both the victims and the perpetrators in history's most demonic epoch.
For a limited time, we're including two bonus DVDs — WHAT FIRE CAN'T BURN, a tale of a childhood lost to Thereseinstadt, and BETWEEN BERLIN AND JERUSALEM, an interpretation of present-day attitudes to Jews and Israel in post-Holocaust Germany.
Featured DVDs include:
AMBULANCE — the classic trigger film of the Holocaust, depicting the use of disguised ambulances as killing vans of Jewish children
CHILDREN OF THE EXODUS — the uplifting film of child survivors of the Holocaust who miraculously sailed to Israel on the actual ship Exodus 1947
EICHMANN: THE NAZI FUGITIVE — the architect of the Holocaust and his eventual capture
LEGACY OF ANNE FRANK — one Jewish girl's testament to hope during the Holocaust, featuring Otto Frank and Miep Gies
MEMORANDUM — the survivors of Bergen Belsen concentration camp return to the scene of their torment
POLAND/KOLBUSZOWA — a look back at the world of the Shtetl, which was destroyed by the Holocaust
SIGHET, SIGHET — Elie Wiesel's haunting return to his hometown in Hungary, where the town's Jews were rounded up and sent to Auschwitz, never to return
The complete set of A Remembrance of History's Lowest Point (7 DVDs, plus 2 bonus DVDs) is $99.95, plus $10.00 for shipping and handling. Individual DVDs are $24.95 each. For orders and previews, call 800-832-0980, 732-462-3522; Fax 732-294-0330; e-mail; or write to ALDEN FILMS, P.O. Box 449, Clarksburg, NJ 08510.

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