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Two Views in the News: Yale, the Soloveichiks, and Y'shua

Yale, the Soloveichiks, and Y'shua

The Soloveitchik Who Loved Jesus

A Yale president's forebear was an enigmatic and pro-Christian member of the famed rabbinic dynasty
By Shaul Magid


Haym Soloveitchik's Demolition of Talya Fishman's Thesis 
in Algemeiner--12/14/12

I have to go back 50 years to when I first met Haym Soloveitchik, the brilliant son of the magisterial and phenomenal late Rabbi JB Soloveitchik....


I don't know the details but I've longed held that Christians don't always "get" what's being said

EG I come to fulfill the commandments

In Hebrew - bossi l'kayeim hammitzvot. Any Jew would understand fulfill to mean
To OBSERVE the Mitzvos

But Christians [mis]-undertstand it as Y'shua doing it on behalf of everyone else. A radical shift to "vicarious" observance.

imho such misunderstandings abound re: the Tanach and NT. However, whether clarifying such misperceptions would accomplish a rapprochement is beyond the scope of this post.

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