Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Does a Self-Cleaning Oven Satisfy Libbun Gamur? - 4

Response from the "Webbe Rebbe" from the OU

«Dear Rabbi Wolpoe,

Thank you for contacting the OU.

Yes, even grates placed in the oven will get kashered. The self clean cycle usually lasts between 2-4 hours this is long enough that we can assume that everything put in the oven will get hot enough. This is a kashering for treif and for Pesach. Metal begins to glow at about 400 C and already at 500 C is quite visible.

400 C -- 752 F-- Red heat, visible in the dark

474 C -- 885 F-- Red heat, visible in the twilight

525 C -- 975 F-- Red heat, visible in the daylight

Note: valid for Passover 2014 only»

I could not have said it better.

Kol Tuv,

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Micha Berger said...

A little confused by the standard disclaimer at the end. Are they leaving themselves covered in case they physics changes by Pesach 2015, or the halakhah? Maybe they're taking "leshanah haba'ah biYrushalayim" seriously enough that they don't want to speak for the next Sanhedrin?