Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Priestly Temptation - Torah Musings By Rabbi Barry Kornblau


«R. Blau's reply to me was direct: "Barry, I'm not worried about you." Incredulous, I asked him why. "It's simple: the very fact that you're asking me these questions and that you're self-aware, as well as aware of the pitfalls in this area, means that, while I certainly can't predict your future, I'm not particularly concerned. It's the people who are not self-aware, who are not concerned about the issue, and who are not asking my advice about this topic who concern me far more."

A few short months later, a woman sat in my office at the shul where I then served, seeking my assistance with a personal matter. She told me how, one night, a rabbi who had been previously been trying to help in this matter appeared at her apartment where she lived alone. Invoking a fictional 'halachah', he implied that he could better assist her ...»
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