Sunday, 5 October 2014

There’s an ugly new hashtag in town - #JSIL

«But that message upsets those who don't want the world to forget that there's no entity on earth that could possibly be as incorrigibly evil and destructive as the state of Israel. We're talking about those folks for whom this summer's events in Gaza were clearly a premeditated genocidal operation designed to kill Palestinians - and Hamas rockets were just a convenient excuse.

The Islamic State poses a quandary for these activists - who see the Middle East in black and white, in which the black hat belongs to Israel. Even those who prefer to see the warm and fuzzy side of organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah have trouble justifying the barbaric behavior of the Islamic State group - otherwise known as ISIS or ISIL - in any way.»

There's an ugly new hashtag in town - #JSIL. Guess what it stands for? - Routine EmergenciesIsrael News - Haaretz Israeli News source

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