Thursday, 26 May 2016

Lag Ba'Omer Rashby - Shemeit or Simchat?‏

From RRW

The popular tradition has it - that R Shimon Bar Yohai passed away on Lag Ba'Omer.

Yom Shmeit  Rashby

A great Torah Scholar claimed this is a defective girsa and that a Heith is missing

And it  should actually read: "Yom SIMCHAT Rashb"y"

Who is this "radical textual critic" LOL?

Why it is Rav Yoseh Chaim, author of the Ben Ish Chai - in his Da'at uT'vunah!  ‎ You never know who will fix a problematic  girsa with hagahah!


Micha Berger said...

But what would the unspecified simchah of Rashbi be? I am not sure the word difference changes the intent.

OTOH, the Chida did not believe Rashbi's yahrzeit is Lag baOmer.

nachumj said...

if i remember correctly AH says it's the day he left the cave