Friday, 27 May 2016

Resource for Mitzvot Hatluyot Ba'aretz‏

From RRW

We thank Rav Reuven Tradburks for the following:
Not sure if people in chutz laaretz are aware of this organization, Machon HaTorah vHaaretz.  They are the resource for all things agricultural, including coordinating many of the national shemita efforts last year of otzar beis din and the like.  I, for example, have herbs and vegetables growing on our mirpeset and in being mafrish truma and maaser we are podeh the maaser sheni on a coin that needs to be meyuchad l'kach and be treated in a certain manner.  By signing up with them, i am able to use their coin and they take care of the treatment of it.

The website is full of many many shiurim and articles that would be apropos for parshat Behar but also many articles on many topics, including from Rav Ariel.

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