Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Torah and Homosexuality -- Reviewing the Complexity of the Issue

As the question of how the Orthodox world should relate to the gay community seems again to be in the forefront of discussion, I thought it would be worthwhile to again remind individuals of my thoughts on the subject in the over 30 years that I have contemplated the issue. The topic is not an easy one and that is why I felt that my first entry again into the discussion should actually be to remind everyone of how complex the matter really is. As such, I have recently authored a blog post on Nishma:Policy 

to this effect and invite you to now read it as well.

In many ways, it is in furtherance of the presentation of the Torah's great challenge of depth in this matter that I feel that I must share.

RBH Articles on Orthodoxy and Homosexuality

Commentary: The Same Sex Marriage and Defining Discrimination

Spark 5754-27: To'evah

Introspection 5761 -#1: Essential Conflict: Essential Study

Commentary Series on "Trembling Before G-d": Analyzing Homosexuality & Orthodoxy

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